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Rel Acoustics

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Ex display Rel S5, boxed, in piano black. Some light cosmetic damage.

This product is exclusively available in store. Why?

>> Two Year U.K. Warranty >> Usually ships in 5-6 days >> Available in store for demonstration >> Available in Piano Black Finish... Further Details

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S5 - Further Details

Serie S5 combines a higher performance level than REL have ever set out to deliver within our mid-level range, with ease of use and freedom from conventional restraint. REL's designers began with only one requirement; that is, the physical package ought not to greatly exceed the comfortable dimensions customers have loved in our previous generations.

The S5 is the largest sized member of the Serie S family, taking the concept of audiophile quality components as furniture-grade companion to the sophisticated to a new level. By now, it is expected that REL products be beautiful physical structures. While most will fall in love once they hear a REL, everyone will fall in love when it performs brilliantly and looks beautiful in ones home.

Every REL Subwoofer must deliver sonic performance that exceeds expectations. Rel therefore labored for close to two years developing a new generation of Continuous Cast Alloy Bass Engines for the flagship S/5 and its stablemate S/3. These ultra-lightweight drivers produce speed and slam that can prove startling. They also play louder- Much louder.

Beyond quantitative performance upgrades, note the increase in subtlety and air produced within the sound stage by these faster, better- integrated designs. Be prepared to be amazed by the degree to which S improves everything above the bass regions making the listening experience much more enjoyable.


Freed from the need to snake ungainly audio cables across one's salon, use of the optional LongBow Zero Compression Wireless Delivery Method produces two responses: utter amazement at the quality of sound (most wireless delivery systems destroy music's warmth by compressing and expanding the sound digitally) and visual relaxation because, for once, there are no visible cables to detract form the experience.

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