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Rega Research / Aphelion

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The Aphelion one of those very rare cartridges that is so well thought out that you get detail down to the quietest sounds as well as musicality that cannot be beaten. Many cartridges are either a shade too analytical or tonally coloured, the Aphelion is a slave to the music and has so little character of its own that all you can hear sounds like it what was cut into the groove. I have been reviewing cartridges and turntables for several decades and none has done what this one does, the RP10 certainly helps but nonetheless this is a world beater and at a price that is by no means extreme by the standards of the competition. Jason Kennedy - The Ear 25 Jan 16

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Aphelion - Further Details

The Aphelion is the third generation of Rega's unique moving coil cartridges. Taking the technology developed from the latest Apheta 2  to the next level, our engineers have fine tuned every aspect of the original design.

Aphelion features a new boron cantilever and super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on an iron micro cross that is fifty percent smaller than the original. The weight reduction of the generator allows us greater freedom to track the vinyl groove accurately ensuring even more detail is extracted from the vinyl.

The Aphelion is housed within a completely redesigned, single piece, aluminium  black anodised body and protected by a CAD designed, clear rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free.

The Aphelion is the perfect partner for the RP10 turntable and RB2000 tonearm



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