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G1 Mk2
G1 Mk2
G1 Mk2

Rel Acoustics
G1 Mk2


This product is exclusively available in store. Why?

>> Two Year U.K. Warranty >> Usually ships in 5-6 days >> Available in Piano Black Finish The all conquering new G-Series, from REL.

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G1 Mk2 - Further Details

The G1 features REL's most recent exposition on amplifier topology, driver technology and operational interface. Housed within a sumptuous furniture-grade enclosure finished in gloss piano black lacquer resides a massive 12" long-throw carbon fibre driver, 600 watt Class A/B power amplifier and the award-winning REL connectivity suite providing the most flexible and sonically transparent integration, weight and low-frequency authority to the main loudspeaker system. Employing an extensively braced enclosure sculpted in a truly sensuous shape, the G1 is massive, yet elegant. While it is physically commanding, its finely tuned shape finished in furniture-grade hand-rubbed high-gloss piano black lacquer will blend seamlessly into any interior environment. REL's vast engineering experience is evident in the G1's power amplifier. Featuring a linear Class A/B topology employing no less than six MOS-FET devices, massive power supplies and transformer there is no mistaking the G1 with a common subwoofer. Execution of build and component part choice is first-class resulting in extensive ruggedness and reliability. Mated to this massive power plant is a tight-wind carbon fibre 12" drive unit capable of an exceptional pistonic stroke of 1-3/4 inches! This costly drive unit was necessary in order to generate the ultimate in loudness required to underpin today's great high-performance main loudspeakers. The REL connectivity suite allows for using both high and low level input options. Exclusive to REL is the ability to blend and individually control both signals that, for example is useful in a home cinema system where the sub-bass system must reproduce both main speaker and .1/LFE low frequency content. Additionally, Class-D main power amplifiers cause no problem to the G1 thanks to REL-D™, a proprietary circuit that creates the proper grounding environment for most Class-D amplifiers. Adding to the overall user experience is the G1's IR remote control. The unique round disc-shaped remote features three rotary encoder dials that control all adjustments for HI/LO Level, Crossover Frequency and .1/LFE Level. Phase, and Settings Lock are controlled via toggle switches. Located on the bottom front of the G1's enclosure is a large, bright LED readout providing a visual indication of all the G1's current settings. Now, for the first time, setup and adjustment can be done from the comfort of you listening position. When too much is not enough, the REL G1 has included connectivity to allow multiple units to be used in conjunction with one another either in stereo pairs or vertically stacked towers. Doing so results in huge wave fronts of air, conveying the true power and majesty of a musical or film sound event effortlessly. The REL G1 embodies all the traditional REL virtues of performance, design and reliability and is available for audition at your nearest authorized REL dealer.

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