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Signature Sub 25 (Gloss Black)

Paradigm / Signature Sub 25 (Gloss Black)

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Signature Sub 25 (Gloss Black) - Further Details

SUB 25 is Big! Big in an Elegant Way. Like a Basso Profundo on stage at The Met. And just like a night at The Met, when SUB 25 starts to sing you know you�re going to get every note, every nuance, every deep bass thrill you paid to hear. The bottomless rumble in a movie soundtrack. Explosive special effects. That note of menace. The portent of disaster. Recreated with such vivid realism! Such pinpoint accuracy. You�re captivated. Floored. Speechless. Bass like you�ve never heard it before. Deeper and more refined. Smoother and oh, so rich. With perfect pace. Subtle texturing. Impact and weight. 3,000 watts of CONTINUOUS power! That�s a full 4 horsepower! An insane amount of current. And then there�s the accuracy. SUB 25 is accurate down to a gruelling 9 Hz! In the average listening room it can reproduce an unbelievable 125 dB without audible distortion. And even at the highest output levels, the transition between SUB 25 and the other speakers in the system is deliciously seamless. The source of the bass, the SUB 25, simply disappears. There was a time when Paradigm�s Servos ruled the lower octaves. Now there�s a new voice on the big bass block � and it�s destined for greatness. Control Facilities: � Auto On/Off � Trigger On/Off � Subwoofer Level � Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency (continuously variable 35 Hz � 150 Hz); Bypass Option � Sub/Sat Phase Alignment (0� to 180�) � USB Port / PBK Interface Input Facilities: � Line-level Inputs


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