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Ultimatum XLS
Ultimatum XLS
Ultimatum XLS

Neat Acoustics
Ultimatum XLS


This product is exclusively available in store. Why?

>> Five Year U.K. Warranty >> Usually ships in 3-5 days >> Available in store for demonstration >> Available in Figured Birch, Black Ash, Oak, Cherry, Walnut & Rosenut Finishes >> Premium Finishes also available on request

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Ultimatum XLS - Further Details

The new Neat XLS is the replacement for the Popular MFS, please contact us to arrange a demonstration. Below is the blurb for the MFS. The MFS is a multi-chamber, multi-driver enclosure constructed from Birch Plywood. It is, essentially, a two-way design, using Neat's 168mm main drivers (re-designed to meet the requirements of the ULTIMATUM range), an 'inverted' titanium-dome tweeter, plus two EMIT ribbon-type super-tweeters. The visible main drive unit handles bass and midrange and is isobarically loaded by similar drive units located inside the cabinet. The main tweeter is mounted above it, within a sculpted sub-baffle designed to minimise unwanted diffraction effects. The treble output is augmented by the two upward-firing EMIT super-tweeters mounted atop the enclosure. Another ULTIMATUM feature is the use of decoupled baffles. The driver-mounting baffles (front & top) are fixed to the main structure via a polyethylene membrane. The total baffle is a 45mm thick 'sandwich' of birch plywood, polyethylene and MDF. This provides a rigid non-resonant platform, which is ideal for optimal performance of the drive units. The crossover is a minimalist 3 element type (plus damping & attenuating resistors) employing precisely toleranced, low loss air-cored inductors and Neat's newly-developed polypropylene film & foil capacitors. The speaker exploits predominantly first-order crossover slopes and mechanical roll-offs for a natural, uninhibited performance. A dedicated stand, incorporating a solid slate baseplate and tri-laminate top-plate, is available for the XLS.

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Ultimatum XLS Stand

Ultimatum XLS Stand

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